Our pumpkin is pregnant!

a pregnant pumpkin

Yeahhhhhhh get it in ya!!

Last weekend, we spotted a young female flower looking ready to bloom, so on Tuesday, we got up early for some hot hand pumpkin action.

She smelled amazing, by the way. As soon as we stepped outdoors, I could smell a sweet pumpkin fragrance in the air. None of the articles and books said anything about this. What a delightful surprise! :)

We disrobed the healthiest looking male flower and gave the anther a good rub on the female's stigma. In, around, and in again. And left the anther in for good measure.

That evening, I gave her a prod, thinking I should remove the anther, but she was shut up tight.

The following morning, her ovary had grown from marble size to a ping pong ball. This morning, it was as big as a cricket ball, at 5 days old.

From here, it will be vital to look out for:

Hydration - lots of water for my thirsty plant.

Soil fertility - lots of Seasol, potash and vermicompost.

Powdery mildew - removing any infested plant parts as quickly as possible, and minding airflow between the leaves. And maybe a milk spray if I can find some unpasteurised milk.

Naturally, we are both very excited for delicious new baby. :)