Dear Australia

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Dear Australian Government,

Congratulations on sorting your shit out today. May the next four years be fruitful and awesome. I know there are no guarantees, and election promises can sometimes get sidetracked by practicality and the system, but here are a couple of things I reckon would be super cool if you could make happen at some point:

Make the NBN really freakin’ sweet. The more countries there are adopting a sick-as infrastructure, the more likely it is that other countries with crappier infrastructure will try to follow suit. I would love it if one day, my cousins and grandma in a less internet-advanced part of the world could have a good enough connection to play games and videochat with me. On a note closer to home, I’d really like to travel around Australia when I’m older, and not have to worry about being stranded if I need to look something up online.

Promise to never do anything stupid like an internet filter. We’re far enough away from the rest of the world as it is. You know that guy in the news who got done for having ‘artistic’ photos of underaged girls? An internet filter wouldn’t have stopped him. Plus, a filter would totally expose us to abuse and oppression – maybe you have good intentions now, but do you really want to create a risk for our future? If you believe in the wisdom of philosophers and the big names in psychology, you’ll already know that people do deviant and perverted things because they are unhappy and twisted, or they don’t know how to make themselves proper happy. Invest those filter dollars in education, mental health and rehabilitation instead. Teach a man to fish and you’ll never have to mess around with his internet.

Legalising gay marriage would be pretty awesome. Two of my friends are gay and I would be very happy for them if they could get married in Australia. Maybe I’m naive, saying we should nix the girl-boy thinking, but I like to think that love counts more. Love, and getting to live a happy life in a country that calls itself progressive & forward-thinking. Speaking of forward thinking, it would be cool if you worked on the climate change thing some more. It makes sense for us not to shit where we sleep, considering the next best place to sleep is a 5 hour flight away.

My wishlist is actually a bit longer, but I’m sure you’ve got enough to do already. Good luck and may the Greens and Independents help you towards making this nation a rippa place to live.

Yours faithfully, Sandy.

Ps. I don’t know much about politics or issues or grown-up stuff like that. I just know what I think would be kinda cool, so sorry, AusGov, if this letter is a bit simple. I still mean it from the heart.