My first soap

That I made, not that I've used. Of course I use soap GOSH.

Courtesy of Chisa, this is a photo of my first homemade soap, using the "Scrubby" soap kit. It's the equivalent of baking with a White Wings cake mix, but aaaaah~ it still feels special when you're using it. Very smell! So lather! Wow!!

The kit is a 'melt-and-pour', meaning it comes with pre-made soap, which you melt, mix with nice smells and other things, then leave in a mold to set. Let me show you...

cutting pre-made melt-and-pour soap

Cutting pre-made melt-and-pour soap.

soap chunks in a microwaveable container

Soap chunks in a microwaveable container.

partway through short-burst microwave melting

Partway through short-burst microwave melting.

melted soap with orange essential oil

Melted soap with orange essential oil. This is when you add the scrub powders too.

molten soap poured in a mold

Molten soap poured in a mold.

soaps cooling on a rack

Soaps cooling on a rack. Actually, they're already cool, but it's best to leave them for another 24 hours to get even more awesome.

wrapped homemade soap bars

Wrapped and ready to go! I thought baking paper would be a nice hipster decorative thing, but it was actually shit. Tape doesn't stick to it, and it doesn't fold nicely. Don't use baking paper.

This is 100% simple soaping for n00bs, which I am. Well, I was. I feel confident enough now to try making soap from scratch, but ah... all in good time. :)