Sketch: Buggy On Mars (pastel)

fan art for The Martian: Watney's rover driving through dust

Last month, I read The Martian by Andy Weir. It's a story about a botanist who gets stranded on Mars when a mission abort goes awry. I loved this book. Couldn't put it down, and there was so much to take in each time. Weir nails the nerd banter; I felt right at home.

So here is my fanart. I wanted to draw the protagonist's vehicle driving through dust, so decided to learn how to use pastels. Which is why I'm a month late with this drawing.

It's a bit weak - in hindsight, I should have gone harder with the colours, or maybe used different coloured paper - one that doesn't dull the orange hues so much. But oh well. I'm just glad it's over now so I can try drawing things that are not clouds.

For anyone interested, I made a board of Mars pastel cloud references.

Next fanart will be for Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan. Might go back to pencil and paper for this one, so I don't fall behind again. ^_^;