Hello, I'm Sandy.

Here's what I'm doing now, as of 13 Jan 2021:

Hitting publish on a new blog post. Yep, that's right!

Poledancing. Well now... I've learned that all the partner stretching I've been doing in class and in other sports are generally not good for me. Bc I have a condition called "joint hypermobility", where my body doesn't know when it hits a stretch's "too much" point.

I'm amazed to have only learned about this in the last few months. Most physios I've seen fixate on the fact that I have a sitting-down career or scoliosis or this or that. Only one (well, two now since the first one went on leave) seems to have properly assessed me based on having an active lifestyle, and it's explaining quite a few of my recurring problems and injuries.

So right now I'm debating whether to only stretch lightly this week OR whether to be THAT DAGGY OLD LADY who brings her own foam roller to class 😅 What would you do?

Finishing a book project. Hello, late-project content requests! We've added another month or two to the schedule.

Watching/just watched: Pitch Black, Chronicles of Riddick, Riddick (this was some misogynistic homophobic hot trash, but if the 4th movie does better, we can chalk it all up to a learning experience).

Playing: Merchant RPG, The Guardian Puzzles.

Living in Boorloo (aka. Perth), Western Australia. It is currently Birak.

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