A day in lists

What I did this morning before getting out of bed:

  1. Coughed, a lot
  2. Mentally prepared for needing braces (again) :(
  3. Sat up to clear my nose
  4. Rolled up in a blanket
  5. Slept next to a cat

Some things I have eaten:

  1. A pie
  2. Some salad
  3. A mandarin
  4. Radishes
  5. Flecks of tea leaves

Stuff that went poorly:

  1. Getting cut off by a car at a junction
  2. Getting served takeaway when we were dining in
  3. 5-minute coughing fit
  4. Car swinging out at us without looking (lots of bad driving in our part of town)
  5. Not being well enough to exercise

Stuff that went awesomely:

  1. Only one 5-minute coughing fit today!
  2. The pie shop had my favourite, steak & kidney!
  3. Lots of cat cuddles. <3
  4. Feeling better than yesterday.
  5. Finding a weekend court booking for sport!

Things I have wondered:

  1. Do people actually realise when they're driving badly, but don't care because of some pressing reason?
  2. Does having cold feet actually make you cough more? (Asian thing)
  3. Does eating mandarins and oranges actually make you cough more? (another Asian thing)
  4. Is the lady at the pie shop actually a grumpy person, or did we just catch her on a bad day?
  5. Will going for a run make my cold go away faster?