Welcome to my digital swamp.

   ~v#v#'vv\\//     ~.~                      II~
  #vv#vv#vv#\//         ~,~             /\  /  \
  ~#v#v#v#v'////\\`                      \\/ [] \`
    v|§§  \\|//|//                       |/ [][] \
    §|(@)( )@) \//( )) D/D               /|  --  |\`
  (@|§,|;@:; ))||(@)) ||/D       v/`      | ;[]; |

Hello, I'm Sandy. I'm a writer from Boorloo/Perth, Australia.

I'm into reading, gardening, fitness stuff, nerd stuff, crafts & DIY, fountain pens, and thinking too much about things like how technology affects us, finding meaning and purpose through work, and what it means to be a person.

At present, I'm learning about digital minimalism and how to live harmoniously during a climate crisis.

Here's my text playlist and what I'm up to right now.

And here's my ever-changing linkroll.

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By the way, the war is still going in Ukraine, people are still trapped on PNG & Nauru, and Australian children as young as 10 are still being locked up in prisons.