About me

Hello, my name is Sandy. I'm a writer, maker and hobby junkie from Perth, WA.

I write for love and money, sometimes under my own name, sometimes on behalf of other people. Some of my professional works can be found at sandylim.me. Sometimes I post creative stuff on this blog.

I make stuff. Some of my past makings can be found at sandylovesyou.com.

I'm into all sorts of things: active stuff, food, plants... hanging out with my cats. I've indulged in a bit of game dev as well as putting designs on t-shirts. There's a chance you'll read about those things here or on my Instagram. But, this is what I'm up to now.

Other places

Twitter: @sandysandy
Medium: @sandysandy
Facebook: fb/sandyish
About.me: about.me/sandysandy
Carrd.co: sandy.carrd.co
Soundcloud: soundcloud/sandysandy
Tumblr: sandystyle.tumblr.com
Flickr: flickr/jetaime

Rights, licensing & collaborations

Photos of food, plants and travel: If they're my photos, you may use them for non-commercial purposes. Just ask first, in case they're not mine and I've not made that clear enough. Where you can, please credit me with a link back to this blog or to one of my social accounts.

Photos of cats: Mostly no, because the cats are either spoken for or photographed in private residences. But feel free to ask if it looks like a photo of a stray in a public space.

Photos of people: Check with me first. I can only give permission where it's mine to give, or where the person has already told me they don't mind being an internet face.

Commercial uses: Depends. Hit me up on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and we can chat. Please don't claim endorsement if none has been given.

Collaborations: Not currently open for collabs.

Old/Archived Projects