Another late night

I've been trying to get to bed earlier for the past week, but it hasn't worked. I'm either writing or baking or reading or accidentally daydreaming for too long and not doing the things I'm supposed to do on time.

Tonight, I'm up late because we were watching Line of Duty. Been craving a cop show, so this hit the spot. I was skeptical at first, but it delivered well early, and I couldn't help but consume the entire first season in one evening. Needless to say, I got no baking done today and will probably not get any reading done tonight.

Anyway, lalala - tv show recommended. :)

On daydreaming, I've been thinking about the future a fair bit. Daydreaming, for me, is like cooking. I've got the method down pat, but it's tough if I'm lacking ingredients. When I close my eyes and picture my dream home, I see a high ceiling and a wooden floor, with a ton of blank space in between.

I'd like to head out to some home opens at some point and harvest ingredients for daydreaming. Is that normal? Does anyone else do that too? I mean, otherwise we're pretty much aiming for a gazebo.

That said, looking at some of the gazebos on 500px, that mightn't be a half-baked idea.

All right, it's almost midnight. Night, everyone!

Feature pic from pixabay (CC0)