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I feel ugly today. And no amount of nice people saying nice things about looking nice will change this because I have a monster underground zit hanging out of my nose like a booger. It’s not about looking ugly; it’s about feeling ugly. Bad skin days come with all sorts of yucky feelings that accompany health or hormone fluctuations. I don’t know what it is this week, but it has certainly taught me a lot in a short period of time:

Underground pimples are called ‘nodules’ or ‘cystic acne’. It’s a deep, chunky version of a papule – a solid elevation of skin with no visible fluid ( thanks, Wiki ), as opposed to a ‘pustule’ where you can see fluid (pus). Nodules hurt, they’re gross and you can’t pop them. You kind of just have to wait for them to go away. Causes vary from person to person, but nodules usually come from grubby skin, grubby diet or changes in hormone levels.

There’s a lot of advice online for how to get rid of underground pimples, ranging from home remedies to chemical skin peeling and all sorts of treatment. I’m not sure what works and what doesn’t; many of the remedies sound unfamiliar and effortly.

The last painful underground bump I had was on my cheek. I massaged it with tea tree oil everyday and exfoliated in the shower; eventually, it shrunk and hardened and is slowly fading away. Probably not so effective, if you want to leave no trace of a zit at the end. For this one, I’m trying toothpaste. All I can smell at the moment is mint Pronamel and I feel like a bit of a turd, sitting here with white paste under my nose.

Fingers crossed that this just does it, but in case not, I have a few more tricks I’m willing to try:

  • Blasting with a hairdryer. Apparently it helps yucky stuff come to the surface. (thanks, Bec!)
  • Honey and cinnamon. I have reservations about this one; could it really be this simple?
  • Turmeric, though I don’t know if I’m game to risk turmeric going up my nose.
  • Finally, lancing with a hot pin if I get really desperate.

Friends and workmates have been nice enough to not ask about it. Perhaps I will draw a face on it tomorrow and we can have conversations about the nu wave of tech house electro pop fusion.

Invader Zim and Pustulio

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