One more week! He’ll miss New Year’s by a couple days, but we’ll get to see each other again. It’s been so long. I wonder if he grew his hair. I wonder if he still hates beans. MY LITTLE BOY!!!



His dad says he likes space now. Should I return the dinosaur sheets? If I leave in 10, I should make it before closing. Did they even have space sheets? Surely they have glow-in-the-dark planet stickers. I should ring first.



New Year’s Eve party tomorrow. Got the champers today. Wonder what I can do for food. Will called again. He just doesn’t get the message. I told him it’s just the girls, so I hope he doesn’t show. I’m glad they offered to stay the night. I was worried I’d be cleaning up by myself. So much to do before Benny arrives.



Happy new year, Benny! Tomorrow, anyway! So, Tracy’s cancelled and Meg has a virus. Beth will be here in soon, but won’t stay the night. It’s fine, I guess. Won’t be much mess with the two of us. Just pizza and movies. And lovely champers! Fuck it, Will’s on the phone. Again.







This isn’t so bad. Everything hurts, but they said I can get out tomorrow. Police came round this morning. I always knew Will wasn’t quite right. Oh well, he’s their problem now. Benny’s going to have a lot of questions. I’ll tell him I saved the world from an arch-villain, like in that comicbook we used to read.





Written from a Daily Post writing prompt