Didn’t expect to be here again

Imported from the archives

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a blog on here. I’ve been looking with envy at all my mates’ blogs – pretty, shiny, running on WordPress. Well, I’ve had about all the envy I can swallow. After ten years of shuffling through different content management systems, I’m back. And I’m apprehensive. Hosting a blog feels like raising a pet. You have to look after it, feed it, be responsible for its archives. As I write this, my cat is chewing a bit of plastic she found on the floor.

Does anyone remember when WordPress was still b2 ? I was a MovableType -er then, fresh off the Blogger boat as what we today call “social media” had just begun its maiden voyage. After that: Textpattern , a stunning CMS; tidy, for the blog developer who’s a little OCD about structure. I still run a few sites on it, though my installs are well out of date now.

With web 2.0 and the new smartphone era approaching, luck would have me awaken unto a new dawn of nightlife, drinking and being regretfully hungover the next day, with no time or motivation to dick around with plugins and server configs to set up a moblog. So off to a free service I went. First, a Romanian moblog provider that no longer exists; then to Vox for a couple of years ; then to the okaysandy blog at Blogspot … and now here again.

I’m not the feverish stay-up-all-night web developer I used to be. Those days are behind me. It’s been 6 years since I pulled an all-nighter on a personal project. I’m almost 29 now; a web producer. I can’t stay up as late anymore cos I get tired and sad. I can’t remember how to just fix shit. I can’t even tell my cat to stop eating plastic off the floor.

But I would like to… kinda. It feels like I’ve been coasting a bit. About a year ago, I found myself quite anxious and depressed, so I got back into art and music – stuff I used to enjoy heaps; back into writing again, making zines. I’ve had a pretty good run since, and I’d like to get excited about my web projects again too.

So I’m doing some blogging here again. Don’t know how long for, but you know how it goes. Wow, so here’s my first post, totally about something uninteresting… Still got it. :)