Flowers and rainy windows

a shelf of paintings

Oh yeah, the farm and house we stayed at are chock full of awesome paintings. I'm a noob about art, but since trying to paint, I like looking at things other people do. Anyway, most of the awesome paintings were done by Sydney-based artist, Ali Wood. She even let me check out her studio. Thought you might like to see. :)

creative space

a creative table

I love seeing other people's setups and works in progress. It makes their work relatable, and that's important to me as a person in an audience.

"Seven Eleven" by Ali Wood

Ali's rainy window stuff got me into her work. They're not photo-realistic, but they're what I see when I shut my eyes and remember. That's what appeals to me about her paintings, and paintings of that ilk, I think. They echo my memory more than my eyes, so I feel closer to them.

Stephen King talks about something similar in On Writing, where you refrain from over-telling so there's still room for the reader to fill in the blanks. This makes them feel closer to the work because they've done some of the telling on their terms.

painting of a vase

What blew my mind was seeing a painting of a thing, then seeing it in real life. Like seeing a celebrity in the flesh after many years, and making the connection between the virtual and the real.

the vase in person

Anyway, I'll probably sound dumb, saying more. Here are the rest of the photos I got of her paintings and tools.

so many paintings of flowers in vases

more flowers in vases!

just decoration, or art about to happen?

pencils and brushes

props and pieces on a creative table

oil painting of a road through the trees

You can find more Ali Wood stuff at her website and her instagram.