Found flash fiction

I've been into flash fiction lately. Some stories aren't as easy to get into, but most of them pack a real punch. I've been trying to write some myself, but I'm nowhere near being able to create a truly moving piece. Something to aspire to, I guess.

Anyway, I won't bore you with my dreck fiction, but I wanted to share a few memorable stories I've read over the last few months.

The Gallery Attendant by Keely O’Shaughnessy
This blew me away. The real story is between the lines.

Wounded by Jennifer Filardo
Short and haunting read.

Orbital Decay by Steve Smith
A dystopian, slightly creepy scifi.

Songbird by Shveta Thakrar
I don't usually go for stories like this, but there was something about this one.

Daddy's Glasses by Molly Flynn
Creeped me the hell out. :)

Prepared by Chris Ceravolo
Funny and oddly relatable.

Apologia in Absentia by JC Reilly
A tiny and cute tale.

Do you like super short fiction? Do you write super short fiction? Send me some. :) I would love to read it.