Four basic recipes

I love basics. And I have totally no problem with anyone calling me a "basic bitch". I've also been called "annoyingly particular", which I'm fine with too. But that's a story for another day.

Learning how to make basic food is empowering. Which is ironic cos if you were really powerful, you could afford to pay someone to make it for you. But I'm not going to argue with my feels here. The closer I get to the source of the food I eat, the more I feel I could enjoy some quality of life after the zombie apocalypse.

Today, I'm going to share four of my favourite recipes for making basic foods. I hope these websites stay online forever, but I plan to copy these to my kitchen notebook at some point, just in case.


no-knead sourdough bread

Debbie Drake's Easy No Knead Sourdough bread

I tried this for the first time last week, and it turned out beautiful. Way less work than the Herman sourdough bread. I left my dough to ferment for 36 hours (by accident), but Mum says she does it for 12. Play around with it, see how you go.

Pizza Dough

simple pizza dough

David Tanis' Pizza Dough

Very easy pizza dough. The recipe calls for all-purpose flour but we use Tippo '00' pasta flour to make the dough, and use the cheaper all-purpose for surface work and patting down the outside. I'm not experienced enough with food words to know how to describe the difference, so let's say it's just nicer. :)


a buffet of pasta

This recipe we got from a class. Just two ingredients and a little elbow grease, and it makes wonderful pasta every time.

100g Tippo '00' flour
1 large egg
(just double/treble/etc. the ingredients as needed)

Mix and make a dough. Cling wrap and leave in fridge for half an hour. Then put it through the pasta machine, and boil to cook.


homemade tortillas

Taste of Home - Homemade Tortillas Recipe

The recipe says to cook on MED for a minute per side, but I looked on MED-LOW for a bit longer. If you've ever eaten a tortilla before, you can pretty much guess when these are done by the way they look and feel.

Happy eating, everyone!