Going quietly amidst the noise and the haste

my cat, striving to be happy

I have a thing for the Max Ehrmann poem, Desiderata. It's good grounding when life gets frustrating, so for the past two years, I kept it permanently open in a browser tab on one of my devices. It has seen me through many a tumultuous hour.

Tonight, I closed that browser tab for good. I felt wistful; I almost reconsidered. But it's no longer needed. I have a bot that tweets the poem to me now.

@desideratis is a quiet daily reminder that we can live better. Each line is my morning moment of contemplation, which you are also most welcome to. :)

This is my first Node.js app, and my first cron... thing. Script? Tab? One of them things. If you know of nice poems you want to share, or feel like offering advice on why my code sucks, you'll find the Desideratis source on github.