Improving sandy soil

a messy garden bed

Quite a mess we left in my mum's garden this weekend. Pulled up weeds, conditioned the soil, planted peas and lettuce - plants to dig back in after a yield to help improve the dirt.

Having old, neglected soil out in a very sunny part of the garden, year after year, we were left with a dense, somewhat hydrophobic sandpit with grass weeds and little clover things. There's bougainvillea and a money plant thriving on the edges of that bed, though, so surely it can't be too bad. We figured we could do a few simple things to make it veggie-friendly.

A good soil for our purposes is a mix of substance (something for roots to grow into), water retention (clay), and organic matter (plants, poos, anything that decomposes into nutrients).

So, up went all the weeds, which we tilled back into the earth. Then we added half a bucket of Richgro Sand to Soil. This stuff is a mix of clay and other bits to help the sand retain moisture. Then on went 75L of cheap potting mix, and we planted a tiny starter crop.

Over time, we'll add other goodies like worms, worm tea, castings, kitchen scraps. I love the idea of letting nature improve nature, even if it takes longer than if we used fertilisers and stuff like that.