It's June 1 somewhere in the world

#blogjune is starting. A week ago, my feet were tapping. I intended to come at this with an awesome cheating strategy. I'd draft posts ahead of time, schedule them throughout the month, then go play games as a reward for having worked my arse off to finish early.

But it's all well and good to have evil plans. Not having the time to carry them out has kept me honest, so here I am on day 1 with only a half-arsed idea of what to write.

Truth is, I've been writing-ly fatigued as of late, ever since starting over (again) with my manuscript. I'm staring down the journey of a thousand miles. That first step carries the weight of the steps to come, plus the steps I've taken to get to this point. I want to go on, but my feet are sore.

I like to think of this challenge as a month-sized mud puddle, where I can splash and cool my piggies. (Don't talk about trench foot. Let me enjoy my own analogy.)

So, let's assume I get my act together and manage to be a Cheaty McCheatFace this month. If not "sitting down to write everyday ho ho ho!", what am I hoping to get from #blogjune?

Writing more. Writing faster. Writing better.

I was going to detail each of these, but the way I see it, they all come together. On top of my usual writing, I hope to write somewhat thoughtful albeit rambly and haphazard blog posts. And to fit them into my day, I'd have to write faster. Not type faster, or get more slapdash, but remove the confidence barriers I still get stuck on.

You know the ones. They plug up your throat and stop you from saying what you want to say. They get in your ear and tell you what dumb ideas you have. I mean yes, sometimes you don't need to say certain things, and yes, sometimes your ideas are dumb. But you don't make progress by taking no chances.

This is where writing better comes in. I'm chancing that I can write faster and not sound like a tit. Or at least if I sound like a tit today, I might figure out how to be less tit-like after 30 days.

I don't want to just write more. Or just write faster. Or write better but take a million years to do it. I want all these things together.

Well, that's enough navel-gazing for one morning. I am sore from last night's personal training session with the Humaans. Apart from trying not to whine about it, my challenges for the week include:

  • #blogjune
  • Novel writing
  • Writing assignments
  • Pitching
  • Bookkeeping (boring!!)

But I'm looking forward to:

  • Movie club
  • BBQ lunch tomorrow
  • A gardening job
  • Going rock climbing
  • Football

How about you? What are your challenges? What are you excited about? Hit me up on email or social media and let's chat. :)