It's not 100, but it'll do

This week, I gave up on my 100-day project. As it turns out, a hundred days really is a long time and I couldn't take it anymore.

I feel a little guilty cos, you know, I didn't reach 100. Is that bad? As a reflex, I want to say it is. It feels wrong to give up before reaching the end. But then I think about the times where giving up was the smarter, better, fresher option, because the end I was working for stopped being right for me — like my first long-term relationship, my attempt at a postgrad (and the subsequent game theory lectures too because the sound quality was just awful), my long career in web, my foray into horticulture, and my goal of living in rural WA.

Well, despite not being as adept as I'd like to be, I still feel 36 days closer to my objective of drawing better, faster and more confidently. That was my justification for giving up. That and the multitude of things I decided I'd rather do.

Out of all the drawings, day 25 is my favourite, because it was the first time my eyes and hands managed to wrest control from my mind. I wonder, is this like exercise, where you need daily practice to sustain it? Or is it more like riding a bike, where once you've broken the barrier, it never goes away?

I suppose I'll find out. I've been good about closing (or culling) my loops, but still have so many things to do. So I'm happy to pack away my art supplies for a week or two. Or more. We'll see. Now with one less thing on my todo list, I can decide on the day. :)