Just enough time for just enough things

Mona and a waffle blanket

Life today is a precarious balance. I have just enough time for just enough things - projects, study, sport, chores. Nobody touch anything please, in case it topples.

Since the end of April, we've done a lot of stuff:

a garnish salad

Brahma beer

the start of a lovely dining experience

Lapa lunch, where I was too enthralled after the first dish that I forgot to take more food pics;

a game of Drakon

games on boards, in cards and on computers;

making petit fours for Mum

finished petit fours

Mum's buttermilk buns

homemade sushi for Mum

breakfast at Boubar in Nedlands

family food affairs, Mother's day things;

Lotte's scarf

Sharon's "Mona" glove

measuring fabric for apron

measuring Mona for fun

miscellaneous crafting and crochet;

Tea Cozies by The Guild of Master Craftsman Publications

and the rounding up of materials for making tea cosies (more on that another day).

Oh, and some sport. I've decided to try the 100 push-up challenge, doing full push-ups. Since Christmas, I've struggled with a weak core, clicky wrists and elbow tendonitis, so for now, I'm on a mild training regimen of 3 x 10 every few days. After 12 sessions over 4 weeks, I can now maintain good form for all 30. Once I can get as low as 4 inches from the ground for the whole run, I'll be ready to work to 100.

Yaargh~ time for bed now. Good night!