Learning plants at Bunnings

me in shirt and apron

Hours completed: 9 of 70

I had my first day of work experience this week and it was great. Nothing burnt down, exploded, got struck by lightning or washed away. And everyone is so nice. I don't know why I was so nervous.

cute beetroot seedlings

da erbs

There's a lot to be done in a Bunnings nursery. I spent the whole day watering, arranging and pruning plants. I now understand why the plants I buy from Bunnings don't live as long as I'd like - the garden staff take good care of their stock. Ample water in the morning, then again in the afternoon if it's hot. I can't say my garden gets that much moisture, and I've been lazy in recent days because it's hot, I'm tired, and just want to eat and play games when I get home. Time to buy some proper watering equipment, I think.

tidying up the hedges

I got to follow the Horticulturalist around for the afternoon, assisting her with plant things, passing her pots for display.

closeup of chilli plants

Listening to her answer random customer questions was a real experience - she'd pluck all this knowledge from seemingly nowhere. Amazing. I love seeing people in their element, doing their thing. It's very inspiring and makes me want to get better at stuff.

I learned a lot just listening - sharing at the end of this post. It blows my mind that she's been doing plants for as long as I've been doing web - and yet I feel nowhere near as confident as she is when she talks.

Day 2 is just half a week away. I'm excited to learn more.

Stuff I learned about plants - Day 1

closeup of white iceberg rose plant

How to deadhead roses

This is where you lop the head off the finished flower to encourage the plant to bud more (source). Prune just above the leaf nodes that are likely to grow back facing the direction you want - usually outwards, as flowers growing inward may look crowded and clumsy, and affect the airflow between the foliage, leaving the plant susceptible to fungus and disease.

Avoid karri & peat mulch

Because the moisture stays in the mulch rather than in the ground (a concurring source). Best to use composted clippings or straw.

Harvest lemongrass while the leaves are young

Because they taste better. As the leaves get older, they become woody. This isn't a bad thing for the plant, you just may as well eat leaves when they're tasty if you're going to eat them.

Use Seasol when watering to help plants establish roots

Seasol is a seaweed-based growth stimulant that, when added to newly installed plants, helps the roots to grow and establish in the garden. I've noticed permaculture types seem to prefer willow bark, maybe because you can DIY at home?