On longer days like yesterday

Worked late last night and didn't have time to write a post. No matter. I'm writing one now.

Freelancing has given me the opportunity to bust out of the 9-5 routine. Even working two days a week now, I don't feel as constrained as I used to. It was hard stepping out of that designed lifestyle mindset. I understand why people might struggle to feel productive and confident after switching out of full-time work. Waking up not needing to be anywhere is an odd feeling at first.

But the first time I chose to end my day at 3pm and snooze in a hammock for an hour was pretty sweet. It's what makes the longer days - like yesterday - not seem so tiresome and ridiculous. With discipline and mindfulness, everything balances out soon enough.

My work-life balance has changed, become irrelevant now that I consider my split to be life-life. Tobias van Schneider talks about this in his article on why work-life balance is bullshit - tl;dr when you do what you love (or love what you do), you don't need work-life balance.

He's right, sort of. I mean, it's rather privileged to make a blanket statement about not bothering with balance. Not everyone is in a position for that to be the case right away. But work-life balance is a stopgap until you get to life-life, and both are lovely things to aim for.

Balance applies to life-life too. At least for me, pursuing one thing too single-mindedly is a fast track to burning out - no matter how much I enjoy it.

Missing yesterday's #blogjune post has given me a reason to question what I'm doing. Is this still enjoyable? Is it worth doing two posts today to make up for yesterday?

I guess it is. So, off I go to write the next post.