Postcards from the country

dog in a box

We are home from a lovely Easter weekend trip to rural New South Wales. As always, getting away from normal life and the usual haunts makes me think about what I leave for and come back to.

For the first time in ages, I did not come home feeling the need to make big changes or start giant projects. We're in the midst of flux, of movement; I don't feel the raging turmoil that comes with being stagnant and not realising it yet.

Today, I'm taking time to settle back in, with a little drawing, a little writing, and reminiscing about peaceful country getaways~

flowers on the breakfast table

flowers in a vase with a painting in the background

kitsch country decor

glass botle shelf decoration

profile of cute King Charles Cavalier spaniel

a garlic braid

butter on a toasted hot cross bun

flowers in a vase

patterns on a couch cushion button

carpentry with wood planks

a bent nail in a wooden pillar

a brass tap with cobwebs looking out across a field

wire sculptures between trees

fog over a paddock

foggy roadside

a tree in the fog

a path leading into the fog

a labrador x kelpie relaxes on the lawn

a cow peers at you

clouds of fog over land

a quad bike with a farm-made box

pink flowers in a country garden

rose and rosehips in a country garden

lavender silhouettes against clouds and sky

more beautiful country roses

roast pork dinner

a cosy fire before bed