Project Hair: Day 460

Uh, yeah, I meant to share regular check-ins of hair growth, but have managed to miss the last 380 days. Ahem.

My mum commented on how healthy my hair looks these days. I told her I've been taking care of it for this project, but the biggest effort is merely towelling off instead of blowdrying. My hair still gets dry despite conditioning. I'm still using supermarket shampoo and conditioner. I still shower in hot hot hot water, especially when it's cold cold cold. Every 3 to 6 months, I see my wonderful clever hairdresser, get a wash, treatment, trim and chinwag.

When my hair gets long, it starts to curl - not tight curls like noodles, but waves. I've always liked this. I keep my hair clipped or tied as much as possible, because I'm annoyed by the feeling of having it around my face, but it's nice to experience the odd flash of vanity every now and then.

I'm not taking kelp regularly enough for it to make a difference, or even know if it's doing anything. I am, however, taking fish oil regularly, and can confidently say this has zero impact on how fast my hair grows. It's just half an inch per month. All the way.

My kelp pills won't last forever, though, so could be worth taking one a day until they're gone - just to see.

Hair progress: 18.5cm
Rate since last check-in (day 80): ½" per month (expected)