Project Hair: Day 723

my hair at day 723, and a pimple on my forehead

My hair is getting long. My hairdresser and I calculated that by October, we'll have enough hair for the big chop. So that's my next appointment. I go back to short hair, and someone out there gets a wig.

I'd like to take a moment to talk about this lovely hairdresser who's been helping me out. Her name is Abbey. I've mentioned her before. When I started growing for this project, she was the senior stylist at Rebecca Oates in Subiaco. Since then, she's taken over the branch and transformed it into abbey&co.

The way she talks about wanting things to work is just wonderful. I'm a big fan of people-first businesses. Look after your staff, help them grow, give them space to be creative and achieve their dreams. In not so many words, Abbey describes this and more, and I feel I'm not just in a salon, but a place. A thoughtfully made place.

I'm excited to go back to short hair. It's nice being able to catch everything in a ponytail, but I end up tying it in a bun anyway so the tip doesn't flick me in the eye at sport. Plus I'm sick of finding long wayward strands all over the bed, my pillow, the floor, the shower. Seriously, hair everywhere and I don't know how I could stand it when I was younger.

End times are nigh, hair!

Hair progress: 27.5cm
Rate since last check-in (day 506): still about ½" per month