Project Hair: Day 86

hair - day 86

It's been a whole season, so let's recap - I'm growing my hair to donate to charity.

Donated hair gets cleaned and turned into wigs for women undergoing cancer treatment. There are salons and groups in Perth who can help with this kind of thing; I'm doing mine through Rebecca Oates because their senior stylist Abbey is incredible.

In 3 months, I've grown 4cm to get to the starting point, which roughly aligns with the half-inch per month estimated rate. 30cm to go!

I'm starting on kelp tablets today. As I don't have massive health problems or noticeable deficiencies, I'll probably only have one every few days, or one for a few days followed by a break. I'd much prefer eating actual kelp in food, but this is a lot of effort and probably comes with a lot of dressing and salty sauce.

Hair progress: 0cm
Rate since last check-in (day 0): ½" per month (expected)

We are ready to begin!