Pumpkin plant at 2 months

pumpkin plant at 2 months

My pumpkin is just shy of 2 months old now. It is time to talk about making babies.

male pumpkin flower

Male flowers have been blooming for the last couple of weeks...

female pumpkin flower

...and more recently, female flowers have emerged and withered. I'm not sure if this one's been pollinated. Doubtful, but should I be so lucky, this little guy, suspended at the top of one trellis, dangling in a cramped space, is in the most awkward spot possible for a pumpkin to grow.

So this raises the question of whether I should intervene, selecting female flowers for some hot hand action, based on how conveniently placed they are in the garden bed. I'm not sure yet. I'd prefer if nature took its course, but that could well lead nowhere.

pumpkin vine growing upward

By the way, a pumpkin vine is suprisingly easy to train up a trellis. It's heavy enough to settle when you rest it somewhere, so you don't have to wait for the grabby tendrils to grow (unlike my snow peas). It's strong enough not to snap or crease if you take a slightly wrong bend (unlike my hops). And it's soft enough to change direction (unlike my creeping fig).

To secure the vine, I've been using cut-up strips of pantyhose, purchased for a dollar at Good Sammy. Those $6 balls of jute look on in jealous redundancy.

pantyhose ties

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