Putting together an RPG kit

We're about to descend into next-level nerdom and try D&D5. My least favourite part of our Pathfinder sessions has been faffing around looking for stationery and equipment, so I'm putting together a role-playing kit. How very girl scout, I know.

But as with everything in life, it pays to be prepared when fighting goblins and dragons. So please excuse the fussing over stationery and trinkets while I share what I'm putting into my inventory.

A set of dice. This is standard fare for every adventurer. Mine came from Tactics: a 7-piece sets of coloured dice, containing d4, d6, d8, d10 pair, d10 and d20.

A trusty pencil. Essential for filling in character sheets, jotting down notes, and occasionally writing rude words in your teammate's notebook. I'm using the lucky pink 0.5mm mechanical no-sharpener-needed pencil that's given me +2 to note-taking for the last few years.

An eraser. There's nothing quite like the feel of a premium erasing experience. I've used Staedtler plastic erasers since I was little, and regard their performance as the erasing standard. The debris is large and soft, not dusty and gross like what you get with cheap don't-care erasers. As a tool, the Staedtler stays fresh for ages too; mine has gone unwrapped for years, and it still feels soft and moist.

An adventuring journal. AKA, a notebook. It must stay open on its own, or be easy to keep open. The paper must hold both graphite and ink well, ie. not be too smooth that it easily smudges. And generally, it must simply be a joy to use. I'm considering a paperblanks Old Leather for getting in the mood, but I've never written in one before. It's tempting to fall back on a trusty Moleskine, or try a Leuchtturm or Rhodia after reading high praise about them on Chisa's blog - if only they made books with medieval style.

Character management gear. AKA, a character sheet. In our case, an app - which may negate the need for a notebook, pencil and eraser. But then again, it may not. Right now, we're looking at Lone Wolf Development's Hero Lab and Lion's Den's Fight Club 5.

I think that's everything I need. What do you reckon? Have I missed anything? Ping me on twitter and tell me about the tools you game with.