Review of Pan Am Mini Explorer travel bag

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front view of the PanAm Mini Explorer travel bag

While shopping for a Pan Am flight bag (travel bag, explorer bag, whatever you call it), I found it really hard to well… find stuff. Product specs were easy to find, but there wasn’t enough information to give me an idea of what to expect after spending my hard-earned money on this online shopping adventure. So here’s my review, complete with detailed pictures.

size comparison of PanAm Mini Explorer travel bag next to an A6 Moleskine journal

I got the Pan Am Mini Explorer bag in blue, featuring a white classic Pan American round logo – you can also get it in white with blue. It’s 10.5″ wide and about a Moleskine tall – about the size of a head, this is the step down from the Original Explorer bag. I consider this to be handbag sized; the Original is 18″ wide, starting to get into small luggage bag territory. You can get an even smaller one, the Tiny Explorer, but I’m not sure what the dimensions are for that. I got my bag from , a US-based fashion & accessories online store run by a girl from Japan.

inside the PanAm Mini Explorer travel bag The outer shell is made from PVC, inner lining is cotton-polyester. It’s made in China, but doesn’t feel cheap or tacky – but then, I’m only about a month into owning it. We’ll have to see how it handles wear and tear.

inside the PanAm Mini Explorer travel bag, showing patterned fabric lining

No pockets, but very roomy inside. Zippers are metal, feel smooth and sturdy – I don’t get the sense that it’s about to break or get caught on a delicate piece of clothing.

A6 Moleskine journal inside of the PanAm Mini Explorer travel bag

Metal stud feet on the bottom prevent wear damage on the base of bag, but make an annoying sound on table tops.

underside view of the PanAm Mini Explorer travel bag, showing metal stud feet

This is a chunky bag, however it doesn’t feel cumbersome. Whoever designed this pretty much nailed the balance between comfort and attractiveness. Very tempted to shell out for the big version to use while travelling.

PanAm Mini Explorer travel bag on my shoulder, text reads: the size of a head

I give it a 4 out of 5.