Sewing an apron

Sewing an apron is completely different to being any good at it. I might take it to show Mum tomorrow. She could use a laugh.

It's nice to finally have the apron finished! Even if it's a mess. Let us count the ways...

apron from front with faults highlighted

Fit is awkward, despite the body being made to measure. This is partly due to fabric choice (calico), partly to placement of the straps. The waist straps are too low to sit on the waist, yet too high to sit around the hips, so the torso part puffs out. Better to have picked slightly higher or lower than middling like this.

The neck straps are too far apart, and warp the shape when tied around the neck. They either need to be closer OR made longer so they can be tied cross-back to the waist. Cross-back still sort of works because I am short, albeit a tangle.

a frayed knot

I thought it would work to sew the straps and turn them inside-out, but I'm... afraid not. ;D They were much too narrow. Raw edges should be all right for now. Maybe I can seal them with a PVA + water solution. Maybe later.

triangle shape to secure a neck strap

Straps were secured with triangles and squares. There was much pivoting of fabric in the armpit of my machine.

I am pleased to be reacquainted with my Brother after all these years. We may not have made beautiful garment together, but we are on speaking terms again.