Shepherd's pie soup

sloppy shepherd's pie

This was meant to be a shepherd's pie, but nooooo~

shepherd's pie landslide

If we'd been trying to make pie soup, we'd call this a roaring success.

Everything was too wet. The pie was pretty much layers of sloppy slops, but not from the meat - from the creamed potato. Perhaps leaving it in the oven longer, or cooking it at a higher temperature might have saved it.

TIL blendered potato isn't right for a pie top. Deb or hand mash only.

Luckily, we love slops, particularly when it's cold, rainy, or a night in, watching Alan Partridge.

Btw, if you're wondering why the potato is orange, it's cos we substituted one of the spuds for a sweet potato. Adds a lovely sweet potatoey flavour.

a serve of slops pie

This #baketober thing is pretty good. I had my doubts at first, but I've already found a new recipe from some random guy on twitter. Mm~