Sketch: Sophie and the rabbit

fan art for Sophie's World: Sophie sitting on a giant rabbit

I'm reading Sophie's World at the moment, by Jostein Gaarder. It's a story of a 14 year old girl who begins a mysterious correspondence course in philosophy. It tickles my interests, and I wish I'd found this book as a teenager. It would have given me more confidence seeing thoughts through and discussing them with people.

Last month, I learned about the 50 book pledge. This is interesting cos when you pledge to do something, you usually get some kind of adventure out of it, and I want to have reading adventures again. Only, I'm not reading 50 books over one year cos I'm slow and don't want to spend all my free time inside a book.

Instead, I'll read 20 books. This seems do-able. And because I'm reading more e-books now instead of paper books, I'll celebrate with fanart sketches rather than photos of book covers.

So here is a roughly drawn, no-face Sophie Amundsen sitting atop the philosophical rabbit.