Tiny fears, big happy

I finally have a Nownownow profile. Filling out the setup form and composing my what and why, was nerve-wracking. But this is where I'm at: I write, I make. And it's an awfully big undertaking if I don't have a good handle on why I'm doing it. Same can be said for a lot of things, I suppose.

You know what else was nerve-wracking? Emailing a complete stranger and asking him to take precious time out of his day to look at my page and help me set up my profile. It's not his job. I'm not paying him. Contacting him felt very personal and intimate and burdensome.

Admittedly, I didn't just set up my page and email Derek. My friend Kohan set up his page aaaaages ago, while I looked on in envy at his confidence and bravery. It took me months to work up the courage, plus a few days more to work up another batch of courage and fire off that email.

I feel shy around people I don't know well. Most of the time, I can push it away until I get to know them better (and have the shyness not be a problem anymore), but sometimes it gets the better of me. I mean, come on. Pulling a page together and emailing someone really isn't a big deal. What kind of idiot balks at that?

But it happens. And it's dumb. Dumb that such tiny fears can stop a person from getting big happy.

What's one email (or text or call) you've been nervous about sending? One with little risk of something going badly, and a payoff that would make you happy - if you could just get your act together?

Tell me about it on Facebook or Twitter, then go send it.