Tree stump adventures

my tree stump

When that tree came down last year, it left us with a wide, awkwardly angled stump in the middle of everything. So my sweet dream is to turn it into a small planter box, reclaiming the space and helping the wood rot and disintegrate.

The plan was to drill holes in the stump, then chisel away at the insides. Easier said than done, of course, and I got totally schooled today.

shallow divet after 10 minutes of drilling the wrong way

Lesson 1: Make sure the drill bit is spinning the right way otherwise 10 minutes of drilling yields but a divet, plus another 10 minutes of someone laughing at you.

Lesson 2: Make sure the batteries are fully charged before starting so you don't run out of juice halfway in and get stuck.

my drill stuck in the stump

Lesson 3: Chiselling is tiresome, noisy work. That is all.

After four hours, I am nowhere near done with my tree stump planter box. The volume of wood I dug out was about half a golf ball in size.

But it's fine. I have tasted what's required. Onward, we go.

a wooden toolbox

Meanwhile, Niaal made a whole toolbox that now holds all our tools. At least one of us was useful today. :)