Hello, my name is Sandy.

About me

Hello, my name is Sandy. I'm a writer, maker and hobby junkie from Perth, WA.

I write. For love and money. My stories and snippets live at sandypost. My professional folio lives at sandylim.me.

I make stuff. Mostly ink and watercolour at the moment, but I also work with yarn, electronics and pixels. Some of my makings can be found at sandylovesyou.com.

I homestead, sort of. I ferment kombucha, like baking with sourdough, and am wondering what the hell to do with our new tiny apartment garden. I hope to one day contribute to a healthier Earth by producing more and wasting less.

When I'm not doing any of that, I'm enjoying football (futsal/soccer), martial arts, tabletop gaming, computer gaming, penpalling, gamedev, music making, learning Romanian, and hanging out with my cats. There's a chance you'll read about all these things here. This is what I'm up to now.

Other places

Twitter: @sandysandy
Medium: @sandysandy
Facebook: fb/sandyish
About.me: about.me/sandysandy
Carrd.co: sandy.carrd.co
Soundcloud: soundcloud/sandysandy
Tumblr: sandystyle.tumblr.com
Flickr: flickr/jetaime