Hello, my name is Sandy.

About me

Hello, my name is Sandy. I'm a writer, maker and hobby junkie from Perth, WA.

I write. For love and money. My stories and snippets live at sandypost. My professional folio lives at sandylim.me.

I make stuff. Mostly ink and watercolour at the moment, but I also work with yarn, electronics and pixels. Some of my makings can be found at sandylovesyou.com.

I homestead, sort of. I ferment kombucha, like baking with sourdough, and am wondering what the hell to do with our new tiny apartment garden. I hope to one day contribute to a healthier Earth by producing more and wasting less.

When I'm not doing any of that, I'm enjoying football (futsal/soccer), martial arts, tabletop gaming, computer gaming, penpalling, gamedev, music making, learning Romanian, and hanging out with my cats. There's a chance you'll read about all these things here. This is what I'm up to now.

Other places

Twitter: @sandysandy
Medium: @sandysandy
Facebook: fb/sandyish
About.me: about.me/sandysandy
Carrd.co: sandy.carrd.co
Soundcloud: soundcloud/sandysandy
Tumblr: sandystyle.tumblr.com
Flickr: flickr/jetaime

Rights, licensing, stuff like that

Photos of food, plants and travel: Yes, you may use them for non-commercial purposes. Just credit me where you can, with a link back to this blog if possible, or to one of my social accounts depending on where you post.

Photos of people: Check in first. I can only give permission where it's mine to give, or where the person has already told me they don't mind being an internet face.

Commercial uses: Depends. Hit me up on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and we can chat. Please don't claim product or service endorsement if none has been given.

Of course, all this comes second to any special arrangements we work out between us. :)