Egg bakies

baked egg with broccoli and white cheese, topped with tomato slice

Bake an egg - 12-15mins @ 180°C

I'm trying to commit this to memory. It seems cooking is pretty much simple patterns applied to different ingredients, and if you memorise just a few, you can off the cuff create so many things.

Like these egg bakies we had for dinner last night.

Bake at: 180°C

Bake in: Snack-sized ramekins (baking paper optional)

Bake how: Filling goes in first. Crack an egg on top. Put in oven. Add toppings when done.

Bake for: 12 - 15 mins, depending on your oven and how you like your eggs.

egg bakie

Lots of ingredients work with egg bakies - chopped chorizo, bacon, veggies and cheese, potato, pasta, leftover stew, bolognese, chilli con carne. Though with runny bases, you're better off going directly in the ramekin without baking paper.

For this one, we used broccoli + white cheese (beyaz penir) filling, topped with a slice of fresh tomato, salt + black pepper.

Tell me, what do you use when you make these? I must know all the yummy things. :)

two egg bakies, wrapped in baking paper

I'm joining the #baketober fun this month. You're supposed to bake something you've never baked before, but I'd like to use this opportunity to also get better at recipes I'm familiar with, and get used to our ruddy oven.

Yes, it is legitimate kitchen baking, though if enough of us do it, maybe we can amass 420 recipes. XD