Part diary, part letter to a friend.


Hello, I'm Sandy.

Today's background is a tapas spread at Pinchos in Leederville, WA.

21 Feb 2018 🍷 So, I have a new indulgence. Beer hasn't agreed with me that well in the last couple of years, so I've switched my default drink to wine. I'm also kind of obsessed with history at the moment. So here's my way of turning it into work I enjoy doing.

First post off the press, a piece on Spartacus (the history and the TV show) and red wine made with an ancient variety of grape: Spartacus × Aglianico of Campania.

Currently reading Tom Holland's Rubicon. Just finished watching The Good Place on Netflix. Enjoyed it more than I expected to. It's so very clever despite (or maybe because of) its campy twee wholesomeness. I like how it makes me reflect on philosophy and morality and, yeah, the never-ending struggle to be a better person. Watched Black Panther over the weekend. Ah, what a fun movie! It's got me hungry for more ethnocentric scifi like Binti and, err, anyone know anything else?

Here's what I'm doing right now.