Mid-winter roots and leaves

baby carrots and radishes

We had a harvest last week. Four baby carrots and three French Breakfast radishes, all pickling away. Yum!

We also weeded a sow thistle (Sonchus oleraceus), a whole metre tall - no shitting - with stem as thick as a garden hose. And I didn't take a photo. It's in the compost now, and I could take a picture, but eeh~ creepy.

rocket, harvested

Oh yeah, we got a fuckton of rocket too - 6 servings worth. Did you know rocket flowers are yellow? Such cute.

yellow rocket flower

This week has been busy. Actually, the last month has been full of changes, outings, projects, parties, dinners. I'm game for another No Plans embargo. I want more time for house-fixing and gardening.

Work has been full on. And I like it. Started a new job 4 weeks ago, coding again. Every day, something else blows my mind about what you can do with the tools these days. All the maths and abstracting cogs in my brain are turning again, rusty as they are. This is my life now:

my code doesn't work, I have no idea why; my code works, I have no idea why

On Saturday, I had a good game of football. It laid to rest the doubts I've had in recent weeks. I've been worried about becoming uncoordinated, unfit, unwell. Matches have been sparse, with my team breaking til outdoor season is over, so there have been few opportunities to flex and re-prove.

I do feel the need to re-prove. Playing sport isn't like when you make something, and it's done forever and you have it. Maybe that's why competing for prizes and titles has such impact; winning evidence of the moment you did something really well. Even if you never get to play again, you keep a piece of it that lasts longer than the memory.

Mind, even with making something, it's easily forgotten after a dry spell. Maybe everything comes with the ongoing need to re-prove, because deep down we have a sense of how non-permanent everything is. Even with fond memories and long-lasting trophies, each season still brings change. Time still washes those moments away.

Or maybe it's just me. :)

It will soon be time to think about summer planting. I'd like to grow a pumpkin this year.