Month of fitness check-in

March Month of Fitness has been going well. In the last two weeks, I've upped my backpack weight to about 5kg (double what I started with!). This puts me a third of the way to my goal, and halfway to my next milestone.

The days after backpack training, I've noticed I wake up relatively pain-free. As in, I don't start the morning with my usual shoulder and upper back aches. Not sure what that's all about. I've read rucking can help with relieving back pain, but I'm not sure how reliable this information is. Must remember to ask my physio next time I see him... though I hope I won't have to see him for a long time yet!

Getting fit through play seems to be the emerging theme of this month-long campaign. Here's what has counted as exercise over the last 12 days:

  • 1 Mar: Ruck walk (1hr @ 4kg)
  • 2 Mar: Ruck Jacob's (4 laps @ 4kg, 1 lap w/o)
  • 3 Mar: Stretching in front of the telly
  • 4 Mar: TKD training, Ninja Academy
  • 5 Mar: Indoor football
  • 6 Mar: Sailing a catamaran on the Swan River
  • 7 Mar: 30 pushups, 30 situps
  • 8 Mar: Ruck walk (90min @ 5kg)
  • 9 Mar: Ruck hill walks of Mount St (3 laps @ 5kg)
  • 10 Mar: Indoor skydiving
  • 11 Mar: TKD training with sparring
  • 12 Mar: Indoor football

The most boring workouts have been the pushups and situps, but they're the quickest and easiest after a long, busy day.

There's a 2-hour karaoke session that belongs in there somewhere too. Singing (shouting) like you mean it seems to be physically taxing. I'm counting it as a workout for core and aerobic fitness.

It's been good to focus on something without worrying whether it's useful to anyone else. That facet of creative guilt — wondering whether the things you create deserve to exist — is tiresome. Exercise, so far, has been a nice, justifiable indulgence. :)

Two weeks (and a bit) to go. Wish me luck!