Hello, my name is Sandy.

What I'm doing now

I'll update this page every so often as stuff happens. Last update was 25 Mar 2017.

What I'm doing

  • Writing the next issue of Soft Signal.
  • Taking a short hiatus from my SF twitter novel while I finish off some writing projects.
  • Writing a bunch of fiction.
  • Catching up on graphic novels cos I'm struggling to read actual books atm.
  • Redoing my freelance folio.
  • March Month of Fitness!!
  • Trying to set up a F@H box.
  • Watching Pretty Little Liars.
  • Playing D&D and painting minis! :D
  • Living in Perth, Western Australia.

What I'm reading

What I'm pondering

  • Do people get neurotic when they're lonely and bored?
  • Should I have porridge for dinner so I can use up the rest of my pickled lettuce?
  • Will skipping tonight's dinner outing make me feel well enough for football tomorrow?
  • What other complexities can I cut out to make my life simpler and more focused?

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