Hello, my name is Sandy.

What I'm doing now

Last update: 25 June 2017

  • Yoga — I'm liking it more than I expected to. My body can handle some of the stuff I thought would take me years to do. Still nowhere near as limber as I'd like to be, but this is an encouraging start.

  • Listening to synthwave (The Midnight, Gunship, FM-84, Scandroid) and Romanian pop music (Mihail, Carla's Dreams, Cabron, Nicoleta Nuca).

  • Learning about writing for impact, short story writing, author marketing and publishing processes.

  • Fancying a weekend away. Or a 'staycation' where it's like a holiday and we skip all the stuff we usually do on weekends.

  • Learning Romanian 🇷🇴 on Duolingo. I'm closing in on the second checkpoint. Currently struggling with possessives and clothing.

  • Playing Factorio. We restarted after updating to the new beta. After 2 sessions, we've accomplished purple and yellow science!

  • Living in Perth, Western Australia. It is winter. It is cold.

Inspired by Derek Sivers' Now page movement. See other Now pages at Nownownow.com.