Hello, my name is Sandy.

What I'm doing now

Last update: 10 Aug 2017

  • Training for True Grit. It would be more straightforward if I could just stick with their recommended training program, but I don't want to give up football and gym stuff and don't want to overdo it. So I'm settling for their circuit once a week plus whatever else I can squeeze in around it.

  • Dreaming of another writing retreat.

  • Writing ✒️ scifi 👽 outline for a serial 🌞 stuff about the craft of writing 💻 emails to friends Ⓔ and letters to penpals 💌

  • Yoga, handstands, bouldering, taekwondo, calisthenics and indoor football.

  • Learning Romanian 🇷🇴 on Duolingo. Currently struggling with possessives and family.

  • Living in Perth, Western Australia. It is still winter. It is still cold.

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