Hello, my name is Sandy.

What I'm doing now

I'll update this page every so often as stuff happens. Last update was 19 Apr 2017.

What I'm doing

  • Learning Japanese and Romanian again ❤️
  • The 100 Day Project (again): #100daysofshop
  • Feeling super chuffed at getting published! 🙌
  • (Still) writing the next issue of Soft Signal.
  • The May 1 Reboot.
  • Taking a hiatus from betalunaris while I finish projects.
  • Writing a bunch of fiction.
  • Living in Perth, Western Australia.

What I'm reading

What I'm pondering

  • All the loops I need to close.
  • How much I need a loop-closing campaign.

Inspired by Derek Sivers' Now page movement and my mate Kohan's Now page. See other Now pages at