Pumpkin drama. I am a bad parent.

pumpkin with a sunburnt cheek

We have had a drama. In the recent heatwave, with temperatures in high 30's for days, my baby got sunburnt.

I didn't bother covering it cos I thought - pff! - it's a summer plant, it won't burn. So when early signs showed, I decided no way would it be a problem. Naturally, it got worse over time. This is why it's best I don't have children.

Pumpkins can most definitely burn. Normally, you read about it happening to the leaves, but if you've been removing leaves in the fight against mildew, the fruit will be lacking in shade.

pumpkin wearing a sun hat

So how? My baby now wears a hat. And of course it rains the day after I put it on, but by then we're down south, and my nice broad-brimmed Bunnings hat has shrunk and warped. I'm sure I'll still wear it anyway in honour of this misadventure.

AND THEN I take the hat off one day, and notice the skin has blistered. There's a little hole in the top of my pumpkin, the size of a thumbprint. I think we're still okay for being able to eat it. Nothing looks sick or rotten.

I noticed a couple of ants scouting the crater, so I put a band-aid on it. If it's good enough for people, surely it's good enough for a fruit, right? It looks ridiculous now, and I just want the vines to cark it so I can harvest and call it a season.

That's a terrible attitude, isn't it.

I'm sorry.

I'm here for you, little pumpkin. All you need to do is survive a few more weeks til autumn. We can do this together.