Slow time

Receding heatwave for Perth

For a city that's not getting a heatwave after all, it's pretty bloody warm here. But no matter, the day still ended with a warm, tasty drink.

Blendy stick matcha drink

I got a box of Blendy stick matcha au lait while we were in Japan. They've not been so popular around the office, so I've taken it upon myself to finish what's left. It's not bad. Definitely not the taste I expected for the texture, or vice versa. It appears to be a blend of matcha and milk powder, to which you add hot water and get a slightly milky liquid with a creamy mouthfeel and green tea flavour. With a teaspoon and a half of honey, it tastes all right.

Today is the start of my Fortnight of No Plans. After deciding to be less busy, my calendar filled up and now I feel unwell. So this is a new habit to make time for rest.

tea for tú

I did catch up with some friends last night. Arrived early and accidentally caught a piece of a PIAF performance called You Once Said Yes, at tea for tú. They welcomed eavesdroppers. It sounded quite moving, confronting.

tea for tú seating

We drank and snacked at Mechanics. No, there are no photos of our snacks. Yes, I know the pictures make it look like I have no friends and sat by myself in an empty cafe.

my junk

This evening, I ate dinner, did some homework, fixed a broken hand fan, and paid a bill. ^___^ Ahhhh~ slow time is mine once more... precious...