Hello, my name is Sandy.

Breathing out, then in again

whole chicken in the slow cooker

I am ready to take a breather. Last night, I sensed the creeping fingers of depression and fatigue. They tend to come after an eventful period. Even though it's good eventful, the mind and body need to rest.

Today begins a personal embargo, which involves not making any plans. Last time was a fortnight, but I'm taking a month now.

Though life is full of things I want to do, there are lots of little things I don't make time for. This is the time for those things to happen when the mood strikes. The intention is to do less, though somehow this ad-hoc approach means I end up doing more. But that's fine, so long as it feels like less, like relaxing.

This evening, I'm slow cooking a chicken. I've wanted to for a while, and the urge finally overwhelmed. Tomorrow, we'll have roast chicken, veggie & stock soup, and a stub of cheese. I must say, it's tempting to have a soft, bready dinner roll too.

On that note, foot's off the pedal with eating Primal now that we're better with our food, but I still prefer our "less bread, cake and cookie" diet. Coeliac testing week was an interesting experience. My tummy doesn't like it when I have too much... something. Gluten maybe, or sweets. Maybe certain carbs or starches? Sushi is pushing my buttons, but I can go to town on other types of rice.

Anyway, I'm not coeliac, and science says NCGS is nowt to worry about, but keeping the easy, fast, convenient wheat foods away has forced me to eat more veggies, fruits and fats. And eating more fats has made me conscious of picking healthier fats. Only time will tell if this is all just a crock of shit. :)

The house smells amazing right now, with that chicken bubbling away. I have to be up in a bit to take it off the boil, so good night, everyone.

Glutening freely

chicken pie with sauce

After a spate of allergic symptoms, the doctor suggested I may have Atopy and instructed me on how to use Ventolin and Nasonex when things get bad. She also wrote me referrals for a skin patch test and a coeliac blood test.

To prepare for a coeliac test, one must indulge in all manner of gluten to try and trigger the reaction they test for. So this week, I ate all the things. Starting with a chicken pie.

savoury muffin with pepita sprinkle

And a savoury muffin.

bowl of mussels with Turkish bread

And garlic chilli fennel mussels with Turkish bread.

pizza bun with pineapple

And a pizza bun. God, how I missed this. It's the simple things that do it.

pancakes and toast for breakfast

We didn't have to be selective with breakfast. Could eat anything, anywhere.

sour cream and onion flavoured crackers

These crackers weren't the best. But they're pretty good when you're starving and need something salty. It took me just 5 minutes to demolish half a packet. Eventually, I threw the rest away in a fit of self-loathing.

ham and cheese danish, fresh baked and bitten

A ham and cheese danish, on the other hand, is just fine.

spicy beef penne

I haven't missed pasta as much since finding a good brand of gluten-free pasta, but all the same, eating this penne was like saying hi to a dear old friend. Even though it was a little bit overcooked.

a burger with real bread

I have very much missed burgers on real bread from Grill'd. Gluten free bread is just not the same.

bread crust textures on a frozwich

And - ah! - a Croissant Express frozwich. Those the crusty bread textures. Such a treat.

a delicious snack cracker

My lovely colleague made a round of snacks with smoked salmon, avocado, soya mayo, and a crispy rye cracker.

I'm not so sad as to take photos of everything I ate (though I did mean to). I had pizza too, and hot cross buns. Chocolate ones.

Food has been great going in. But being in and coming out have been mighty average. I've had better days. Am looking forward to getting back to normal eating, as sad as it'll be to give up fluffy breads and easy meals. I do enjoy my relationship with food on Primal, and hope that stems from a healthy place.