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Tea cosy life - Sweet tea

a tea cosy in action

Finally finally finally - my first tea cosy. I call it "Sweet Tea". :)

This uses the "Modern Art" tea cosy base with crocheted embellishments instead of the knitted ones from the pattern. The last time I knitted was 8 years ago. I was obsessed with making scarves, because that's just what happens when you start out. Thought it would be hard to get back into it, but the body seems to remember more than smells and tastes.

flat view of tea cosy

close-up of crocheted zinnia flower

pattern materials list

This piece found its way to my lovely auntie. It's really nice to have people to mail. :)

Pattern Sources:

Time for tea cosy

The first teacosy I've ever seen was made by Nik. It looked like a tiny country style turtleneck sweater that fit perfectly over Doug's round Zero teapot. How she got the size right without having the teapot in front of her, how she got the stitching so perfect whilst calling herself "new" to knitting, how she just... HOW.

Me: agog.

I started work on my first tea cosy last week. It's slow going, because I haven't knitted in a long time. My tension is like I've never used yarn before. But we'll get there. This is probably going to be a very gradual lifetime pursuit.

Tea Cozies book

I bought Tea Cozies by Guild of Master Craftsman when we were in Sydney. There are 30 patterns in it and I'm going to try and make them all. I learned one of my aunties collects tea cosies, which could make this the start of something lovely.


too many teacosies