What I'm up to now

Nerdy adventures

Setting up Alpine to check email and usenet. Yeah, you heard me. The nostalgia is great, but also doing stuff through terminal feels nice and chill. I feel less shouted at in plain text and information loads super fast.

Also investigating how we might extend the life of the computers in our home. So far, we've given a seven (almost eight) year old laptop a new lease on life. There's an old android phone and a couple of ebook readers waiting for some fun hackery.

Writing adventures

I'm the tail end of some manuscript preparation before sending it off to my editor. I've been working on this book since... 2018, I think? Maybe 2019. A lot of effort went into it. It's nice to be approaching these later stages. I've felt a bit stuck before now.

Coming up, I've got revisions for another novel + planning a novelette. Waiting in the wings are a miniseries of short stories and planning a short series of novels/novellas.

Other things

  • A huge declutter and house tidy.
  • Not drawing or making puzzles right now.
  • Caring for a deaf cat.
  • Caring for a belligerent cat.
  • Daydreaming about microforestry.
  • Working through another pole curriculum.

Current obsessions

Smol internet. Tech Γ— well-being Γ— ethics. Life admin and house tidy. Snail mail.

This "Now" update was inspired by Derek Sivers' Now page movement.