What I'm up to now

Creative work

Right now, I'm working on a science fiction romance novel, a colouring-in illustration, and a handful of puzzles for a newsletter. I'm also gearing up for a big illustration job later this year. And the non-fiction book I was working on with a client is now available for pre-order.

Physical stuff

Poles is on pause for six weeks, so I'm trying a beginner course in aerial silks. It looks very challenging, but friends tell me it's heaps of fun. Press handstand progress is slow but steady, thanks to weekly practice and Pilates abs work. I'm approaching a point where I can almost start practising reverse press handstands (starting in a handstand and lowering the legs slowly).

Prioritising family

We're all getting older and life and the pandemic continues to keep us apart. We'll never be what we were like while all the grandparents were still around, but maybe we can become something new and better.

Current obsessions

Fountain pens. Nail art. Vampire Survivors. Digital minimalism. The Midnight. Old-school things. Homemade cold brew. Handwritten letters and personal email.

This "Now" update was inspired by Derek Sivers' Now page movement.