What I'm up to now

Released into the wild

Tea Times 2, an activity sheet for tea lovers.


Revising one novel. Looking for a cultural consultant for another novel. Drafting a short story collection. Planning a novelette.

Staying active

Pole, pilates, cycling, football.

Home life

Growing veggies and herbs. Sandpit alchemy.

Misc learnings

Newsboat. ActivityPub. Mutt/Neomutt. Designing Games by Tynan Sylvester. Tomorrow's Parties edited by Jonathan Strahan.

Pls no

Hyperactive Hive Mind. Hyperconsumption. Bullshit jobs. Big Social. Walking into spiderwebs.

Current obsessions

Smol internet. Slow productivity. Permacomputing. Solarpunk. Snail mail. Cryptic crosswords.

This "Now" update was inspired by Derek Sivers' Now page movement and Kohan Ikin's Now page.