What I'm up to now

Finishing a manuscript

The big manuscript on my plate is behind schedule. I'm worried, but nowhere near as worried as I expected to be. I'm steadfast about making Saturdays my no-work days, and even the level of stress I'm feeling about this project isn't enough to make me break this rule.

It would be different if this were a client project, I think. For starters, I would not accept a ghostwriting project this complicated unless the compensation was outstanding. And if that were the case, I could afford to pay someone to take care of all the distractions so I could focus on this. Sometimes I wonder if capitalism hinders innovation just as much as it supposedly incentivises it. Perhaps if I did not spend so much time wondering about such things, my manuscript wouldn't be so behind.

Press handstands

Aerial silks is over and poles hasn't started up yet, so I'm working on my handstands in the in-between. They are coming along. I can now get my legs in the air sometimes (as opposed to rarely) and I'm only stacking it most of the time (as opposed to always). This is progress!

Playing Kingdom: Two Crowns

Kingdom: Two Crowns is soothing and compelling. That is all.

Not drawing or making puzzles

Right now, I am not drawing or making puzzles. This manuscript has forced them off my plate for now. I'm very much looking forward to getting back into these at some point. I am, however, playing a lot of puzzles to help my brain switch off at night.

Freelance busy, ack!

There is a swathe of business writing on my kanban board, including case studies, blog articles, pitches and proposals, and illustration work. The non-fiction book I was working on with a client is now available to buy.

Current obsessions

Multi-cooker stews. My fountain pens (not all fountain pens, just my own). Herb and spice salt. Mind swamps and mind gardens. Tech x well-being x ethics. This big manuscript.

This "Now" update was inspired by Derek Sivers' Now page movement.