Soft Signal β€” a newsletter

                  _(_)_                          wWWWw   _
      @@@@       (_)@(_)   vVVVv     _     @@@@  (___) _(_)_
     @@()@@ wWWWw  (_)\    (___)   _(_)_  @@()@@   Y  (_)@(_)
      @@@@  (___)     `|/    Y    (_)@(_)  @@@@   \|/   (_)\
       /      Y       \|    \|/    /(_)    \|      |/      |
    \ |     \ |/       | / \ | /  \|/       |/    \|      \|/
jgs \\|//   \\|///  \\\|//\\\|/// \|///  \\\|//  \\|//  \\\|// 

Soft Signal is an email newsletter for fellow curious people. It's about love, fear and possibility, sent on a 'wheneverly' schedule.

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This is a double-opt in mailing list, which means after you submit your email address, you'll get a confirmation email asking if you really meant to subscribe. It's annoying, I know, but it means people can't just subscribe you without your consent.

The email address you provide will only be used to send Soft Signal to you, and also perhaps to have a chat with you if you reply to one of my mailouts. Makes sense, right?

You can unsubscribe from Soft Signal at any time. Just look for the "unsubscribe" link at the end of every mailout. It's there, it's simple, and I won't be offended if you want to stop getting email from me.

Hey, if you're here from Facebook...

Thank you for sticking with me! I'm so chuffed you'd like to stay in touch. Yes, it's true, I'll be deleting my Facebook account soon, once I download my data and clean up some stuff. I've written a bit about why, which is personal to me and need not be taken as a finger-wagging "should" at you. Quitting is not for everyone, but after reading, learning, pondering and hem-hawing, I decided it's very much for me.

Once you've subscribed, look forward to the next Soft Signal coming to your inbox soon.