Welcome to my digital swamp.

   ~v#v#'vv\\//     ~.~                      II~
  #vv#vv#vv#\//         ~,~             /\  /  \
  ~#v#v#v#v'////\\`                      \\/ [] \`
    v|§§  \\|//|//                       |/ [][] \
    §|(@)( )@) \//( )) D/D               /|  --  |\`
  (@|§,|;@:; ))||(@)) ||/D       v/`      | ;[]; |

Hello, I'm Sandy.

I'm a writer from Boorloo/Perth, Australia.

Here's what I'm up to right now.

Here's my text playlist, my dump of links that made me think, and some things you can download.

I'm into reading, gardening, casual gaming, rocks, fitness stuff and body stuff, nerd stuff, movies, nice poems, arts, crafts & DIY, fountain pens, learning about animals, and thinking too much about things like how technology affects us, finding meaning and purpose through work, and what it means to be a person.

At present, I'm learning about digital minimalism and how to live harmoniously during a climate crisis. Crochet was a big part of my life for a while, but my focus is now mostly on writing fiction and non-fiction. I don't write about food or share photos of experiences quite so much these days. Some of my old creative work can be found in the project archive.

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By the way, the war is still going in Ukraine, people are still trapped on PNG & Nauru, and Australian children as young as 10 are still being locked up in prisons.