About me

Mona, resting

Hello, I'm Sandy. I'm a writer, maker and pole hobbyist from Perth, WA.

I write for love and money; sometimes under my own name, sometimes under a pseudonym, sometimes on behalf of other people. You can learn more about my freelance work at sandylim.me. I also moonlight as an author you've probably never heard of.

I make stuff, though at the moment anything that's not text-centric amounts to drawing, painting my toenails, and throwing ingredients into a multi-cooker. You can browse some of my past creations and projects in the old projects folio.

I'm into all sorts of things: pole fitness and general calisthenics, food, plants, hanging out with my cats, a bit of game dev, making music, and putting designs on t-shirts. There's a chance you'll read about those things here. This is what I'm up to now.

Also me: sandy@lonely.town, medium.com/@sandyish

Planning stack: Leuchtturm A5 journal, Zoho Calendar, Apple Notes, Excel, text files.

Media stack: SBS On Demand, Netflix, Audible, Apple Books, Spotify, Soma FM.

About this site

This site used to be a blog. It was my blog and I posted a lot. Then suddenly, I posted a lot less. Much of it came down to being busy, but I also found myself becoming disconnected from what I loved about having a website. In the digital climate of recent times, maybe that's no surprise.

This site turned 20 years old in March 2022, and I've been making websites since 1995. It seems we are not temporal wizards after all, aka. I'm not getting younger and neither is the internet. I've decided to try and find my way back to the things I miss — slow things, fun things. This site is no longer just my blog, an ephemeral stream validated by engagement, reach and timeliness.

This is my personal website, my virtual homestead, my digital garden.

Thank you for visiting.

Cover photo by Annie Spratt. I am currently inspired by az.id.au, sive.rs, maya.land, jamesg.blog, sizeof(cat) and ocean-waves.xyz.

Historical: Eleventy (2020–now). Ghost CMS (2014–2020). Wordpress (2010–2014). Blogger (2008–2010). Vox (2006–2008). Raw HTML (2002–2006).

Contact me

You can contact me via email on hello AT sanlive DOT com.

Sorry to make you type that out by hand. Blame spambots.

Oh, but if you just wanted a quick answer about photo permissions, check out the rights page.